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Lavorare Lavorare Lavorare Preferisco il rumore del Mare
San Benedetto del Tronto
Faro di San Bendetto del Tronto
San Bendetto del Tronto
Tramonto di San Benedetto del Tronto
Lungomare di San Benedetto del Tronto
FISHING. San Benedetto del Tronto is today a national important touristic and fishing point. The reforms and the development of other sectors relative to the sea activities have charaterized the creek centers that have continued their tourist vocation.

THE MONUMENTS. San Benedetto del Tronto is a modern city, that, could make you to think that there are not any history root. But is not like this, the testimonial is that of a far past of a enormeus worth that we can not imagine. The Gualtieres' Tower that you can visit today was constructed on the last twenty years of the XV century, cause of the conflict between Ascoli and Fermo. The clock constructed on the fist years of the century has been restructured too, and it is one of the few clocks which contiues to work. Guelfa Tower, at Porto D'Ascoli, is a fortress rest that had been constructed by two big towers, other seven small towers and seventy merlons. It had been construced by ascolans, although the Fermo's rights was stabilished that nobody on the depth of 1 km could construct no fortress and no buldings. Lavorare, lavorare, lavorare, preferisco il rumore del mare (work, work, work, i prefer the sea's sound), original and rare monument placed at the sea fornt start. St.Lucy temple. It is a campaign small church costructed in 1776 by Bernardino Voltattorni. San Benedetto Martire's church. Have been construced in the early years of the XI century, there is a little of the construction now. The altar is dedicated to San Benedetto, it was constructed on 1785.

Other monuments: The war children- The sea, the return- The stone screamed- To see through is not to see into-The small elephant between the palms- The fischerman's family- The Ubu's greet...

The creek. San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the bigger station bath in the Adriatic sea, it has a long beach with fine and white sands, and a not too depth sea. On the sea front there are a lot of palms, that grow up also on the beach, because of this is called also "the palms creek". A lot of tourist services; hotels, apartments, campings, and also for having fun for young pelople and for families, you can choose between the bathes staviliment, a lot of pubs and tipical restaurants.
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